the thaw


Thursday, February 2


we're gonna be touring with ni-hao! (from japan!) around sydney and melbs! weeela.

ch-check it out:

tuesday feb 14th + empire hotel, sydney
(ni-hao! / the thaw / rose turtle ertler ++ scooter show)

wednesday feb 15th + mandarin club, sydney
(ni-hao! / the thaw / vincent over the sink / le paper dolls)

thursday feb 16th + baropen, melbourne
(ni-hao! / baseball / sabot / the thaw)

friday feb 17th + public office, melbourne
(ni-hao! / grey daturas / the thaw / dad they broke me / eddie current suppression ring)

saturday feb 18th + pony, melbourne
(ni-hao! / witch hats / twitch of the death nerve / bad cop bad cop)
(2am: the thaw)

phew! come and danc your legs silly


Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome work! you folks are a buzz in melbourne!

drive safely!

Sun Feb 19, 06:18:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw your show at the Mandarin and was blown away. I am now planning on becoming your number one fan. I know it will be lots of hard work, but I am willing to make the effort!

So cool... just so cool.


Mon Feb 20, 12:24:00 pm  

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