the thaw


Monday, July 28

thaws do nz with strangers!

yes yes yes!

if you're from nz - COME!! and if you have friends in the land of the long white cloud, tell em to come say hi to us. we'll be the three bundles of clothes huddled around the heat source, somewhat resembing humans.

six bloody degrees! in the day! cripes...

Friday, February 8



we've got a new site here:

it's nice and fancy with pages and discog and past shows and pics and stuff. we won't be posting here anymore so go there!

xxx trini thaw

Wednesday, February 6

this thursday!!

we're back from brisbane!! brisbane was soooooooo freaking cool!!! everyone was so sweet, we ate vegan cheesecake for breakfast and saw so many great bands and participated in awesome workshops!!!

also very importantly, we're playing this thursday!! check out flier below and if ya can't see it i've written deets out.

thurs 7th feb, 7.30pm
the assassination collective/the hard-ons/the thaw/call the medic, call the nurse!!
pretty sure it's not all ages, really sorry!!

check out some dodgo photos from brissy

x steph

ps: if anyone has photos of us from melbourne or brissy and would like to share, then send em our way - thethawthethaw at gmail dot com.

Wednesday, January 23

cash money is a army, i'm walkin wit purple hearts on me

hey what's up we're back from melbourne and it was really really cool. we met a lot of awesome people and ate a lot of pies! thanks so much to everyone who hung out with us, put up with us, got down with us and donated monies to our petrol fund hehe.

here are some highlights:
- lambs ear leaves
- sweet towns along the way with great coffee and faerie books
- food obsessions reaching scary proportions
- the guy who punched his fist in the air and yelled "RESPECT!" at us after the kitchen show
- hanging out at loophole, what a great place!! fuck off nazi punx!!!
- being slang merchants (according to alex eucalypt), having a 10 minute debate about the definition of "bunging it on" and its correct usage
- 10 minute discussion about things worse than "being poked in the eye with a burnt stick"
- elise's bass being so loud and brutal i needed to vomit
- do it yourself light shows
- luke coming to melbourne and suprising us!! yay!!
- watching "bring it on again" at liz turner's house, a cinematic masterpiece
- every noodle-metal section in quebec's set. quebec are screamo noodle-metal. what a great combination.
- people buying our cd's and saying crazy stuff to us

x steph

ps: i saw rage against the machine last night. fucken hell it was awesome.

Wednesday, January 2

the thaw does summer

that's right kids, the thaw's gonna be burning the rubber this summer in a couple of outta town ventures (some close, and some a bit further afield). come and catch us sometime soon in newie, or melbs.

friday jan 11th @ hamilton station hotel, newcastle
thought creature, james dean, the thaw + another band (feat. members of castings)
10pm, $5


friday jan 18th @ old bar, melbourne
live on burning vinyl (3CR) with matt and crew
3pm, free?

friday jan 18th @ loop hole, melb
g20 arrestees benefit with elise&jem, and probably some others

saturday jan 19th @ COPPIN STREET STUDIOS (entry via rear lane)
(47 Coppin Street, Richmond, Melbourne)
super8 diaries dvd launch show extravaganza
with a billion rad bands (see flyer)
from 12noon, $12, all ages

sunday jan 20th @ 315 brunswick rd, brunswick, melb (this is the new venue - it's not at catfood press anymore)
quebec / eucalypt / diamond sea / the thaw
4pm, all ages, <$10

saturday feb 2nd @ brisbane
live and let diy festival

no idea about times and $$$ for most of these shows, will add prices as we know! we'll have cds and dvd for sale at these shows. or you can email us and we'll organise postage. or you can pop into paint it black (enmore rd, newtown).

bring the summer lurve,

trini thaw

ps: we have a new website - mega thx to luca vitale for startin it up for us and meticulously entering in all our past shows!!! it's not exactly up-to-date but we'll get around to it sometime soon.

Wednesday, December 19

holiday prty times

sup homehs
we're playing the soviet xmas prty this thurs 20th december

check it:
talons/sound the mute/the watt riot/beyond terror beyond grace/dead china doll/dining in tuscany/thawzzz

@ candy's apartment
we're first, on at 9pm

that's a crapload of bands!! and it's only $10!

i don't think this show is all ages. we're really sorry!!!

see yas at the show!

x steph

Monday, November 26

the thaws play again...





after a brief hiatus, we're back! and finally we get to play the boatshed aka the boat club aka the marina.

SATURDAY 15th dec 07
@ lawrence's totes awes boatshed
2 mcgowan st, putney
from 8pm

* james dean
* majorca
* eucalypt
* drowned out

special extras:
* vegan treats
* possibly a bbq
* you can get copies of our convenience kills cd
* chatting to trini bout how rad it is to have finished uni!

see y'all there!

trini (formerly kat thaw; name changed to protect us from mix-ups!)

directions from L:

you can get a train from central to meadowbank station and then the
507 bus to my house, or you can get the 507 from the city straight to
my house! my addy is 2 McGowan St Putney. look on for more
detailed directions..w00t

Wednesday, October 24

i should be doin my essays aaaargh

hey everyone!

wow the scooter show was really awesome. thanks again to alicia and the scooter crew for putting on another amazing show!! we love scooter!!!

copies of our convenience kills cd will be in paint it black soon (they've moved, btw) or you can email us: thethawthethaw at gmail dot com and we'll send ya a copy in the post. or just come and hang out with us or something. we still have a few copies of bruce lee so we can send ya that too. they're both $6 each or $8pp (i think). oh yeah and we've still got the dvd!!

oh! also menstrual madness (monthly music workshops and more for women and women identifiers) is coming up soon:

* 2pm, sun 4th nov @ the pitz, marrickville
* share skills in a safe and supportive environment!
* guitar, bass, drums and vocals this month
* email: menstrualmadness at hotmail dot com for more info!!

also, come to reclaim the night this friday 26th oct! meet 7pm at town hall and march to hyde park!!

see yas round...
x steph

Wednesday, October 17

holla gangstaaaaazz

sup playaz,
aargh sorry we haven't updated this blog in a while!! we played a really cool animal lib benefit in wollzville the other week, and we're losers so we forgot to post it up on here.

here's an attempt at self-improvement: we got a show this saturday, so come along and we'll have study group if you're stressing about exams/essays/theses/work/life! (cos godammit, we are!)

sweet deets:
SCOOTER SHOW! sat 20th october
* the thaw / cherry 2000 / terrastylus
* @ 4 Talbot St, St. Peters (off Princes Hwy)
* 4-8pm, $5 entry
* all ages

hell yeah!

xoxo steph

ps: we will finally have cd versions of our convenience kills tape for sale =)

Monday, August 20

fight the power


it's less than a month til APEC, so we're gonna start hearing about all the "wonderful" things our neighbours have been up to. and then all the heads of government will stand around, talk a load of palava and pretend to give a crap about real people. but not do anything about it. if the thought of APEC annoys you, get involved in the various protest activites happening around sydney, and australia.

one of which is the new exhibition trajectories of dissent. it's prob hard to read the flyer, but there's a benefit show on that we'll be playing. come along!

saturday 25th august
w/ the bakery, the caca and more
from 7pm @ tooth studios (67 sydenham road, marrickville)
only $7

or go here to learn more about the exhibition.

cheers, kat thaw

Monday, June 4

june bugs

we have three showz in june!!
all of which are fuckin deffo pletes awes x infinity squared!!

here's deets, playaz:

+ pure evil trio (highest ratio of crushes to band members... ahaha)
+ passenger of shit (????)~
+ the thaw (highest propensity to uprock/booty/pick fruit off trees during inappropriate song sections)
+ say cheese and die (musical chairs playin, riot-inducing crazies)
+ toecutter (psy trance space explorer superhero) who is gonna mc YOUR FACE!

at MGTVLE (40 fitzroy st marrickville), 8pm

+ blacklevel embassy (aka athletic thighs hahaha aka fucken brill)
+ the thaw (aka we'll try not to suck)
+ radiant city (aka rad sizzlz aka best influences list ever)
+ brand disloyalty (aka bo dizzlz aka nirvana)

at the pitz (11 faversham st marrickville), 7pm aka early show
$8 donation

+ birushana (japanese for "hoori fuck!")
+ dad they broke me (victorian for "wow i just shat my pants but for some reason i feel good inside")
+ shagnum (victorian for "i have no idea aye")~
+ the thaw (meh...)

at MGTVLE (shorthand for "hmmm anyone notice a pattern emerging here? fucken get outta marrickville ya cunce"), 8pm

xoxoxo steph

ps: i'm sorry if this is a bit overwhelming. i kinda feel like that after typing all that up. maybe we can be overwhelmed together... and find connection in the sharing of our excess whelms... haha oh jeez somebody give me hug

~ go the tilde, i love a bit of tilde action. people should embrace the tilde! don't be afraid of it! we will have a tilde revolution and we shall no longer relegate it to the "weird symbols on my keyboard that i don't use, cos why use a tilde when you can use an asterisk?" box. dude the asterisk is played out. go forth now and tilder (verb: meaning "to use a tilde and feel joyous and free of the restraints of keyboard norms")! but before you do that umm yeah, anyone wanna tell me what these bands sound like and/or offer a description that is lame enough to fit in with the ones i've come up with so far? cos y'know, maintaining a sense of voice in this blog post is of the highest concern right now...

Monday, April 30

may 5th @ the pitz from 6pm!!

firewitch (melb eppo bass attack)
ohana (gong spaztastic glory)
wicked city (full bore rock'n'roll!)
the thaw (elephants farting *pe-eeewwww*)

saturday may 5th @ the pitz (11 favevrsham st, marrickville)

early show kids - come at 6pm or be bitterly disappointed that you missed someone ace. it's lucky dip on the night as to who's on first!

Wednesday, April 25

the gong

Monday, March 5

species fucking

if you missed the mardi gras parade on saturday night then you forsook the opportunity to witness the glory that was the thaw ballerina chickens (complete with interpretive dance to opera), not to mention the sleekly subversive cat, a cuh-ray-zee monkey and a bunch of vegie dancers!!!

the night in question featured a whole lot of gender fucking*, and discussions of species fucking. which brings me neatly to the below flyer. are they human or mermaid^? or one of each (i only see one tail!)? can a mythical being really be considered another species??? who knows the answer to these pertinent questions...

all i really know is that you should come along to these shows.

if you want a really special treat then venture up into the mountains on monday april the 2nd and partake in a night of powerful beauty:

ryokuchi + firewitch + the thaw
@ akemi, great western highway (meadlow bath, blue mountains)
from 7pm

there will be such a cacophony of droning bass love and mountainous beauty and delish baking and ace jap-english!

xxx kat thaw

ps this post may be slightly confusing as we still have 2 shows for march (see below), plus there's some rumor that some band called "what the" may be playing this thing called renegade parade... dunno what that's all about...

*if you are not familiar with this term (much as i recently was not), it refers to those who dress in an androgynous manner so as to confuse the onlooker - are they male or female? thus demonstrating that allot of what we perceive to be genetically pre-determined in the sexes is rather a product of society and gender constructs. but really i made this up from part of a tired 5 second conversation on the roadside so it's more likely a bunch of palaver...

^i wonder if there's gender fucking in the merpeople world? for aren't there mermaids and mermen? or is it a non-gender specific species?

Friday, February 16

songs abt bein in the city vs. songs abt bein in da club

hope your valentines didn't involve foil-wrapped cow rape or too much brutal corruption of the flourishing of plant life... hope there were secret messages etched under paint and awkward moments where the only thing you can do is laugh and try to un-blush, etc. but you know, hope this stuff happens any day or everyday.

speaking of which (but not really, couldn't be fucked thinking of an actual segue), here's a headz up for some showz that are comin up:

9th march - wow!
agents of abhorrence (vic grind)
crux (lakemba cookie monster claw & all round physical attractiveness)
masstrauma (thrashy goodness)
the thaw (smithfield spastic power trio bahahaha)

25th march - wow! #2
wog (two piece halal rhythmic destruction + jew jokes in btwn songs + cowbell pride fo real)
tony buck (one-handed rolls ?? bring it on grrl)
the thaw (see previous + impromptu renditions of got rice by azn pride + kath is cambo and "omg that's sooo rare!" hahah hi bryce!)
@ the hopetuon hotel
we're on 7.15!! it's freeeeeeeeee

haha there's a tiger saying "free!" hahah i don't know why i find that so funny but i just do

mo info/lame attempts at bracketed descriptions that are supposed to sound enticing and deets pertaining to damage soon

oh oh oh n we're playin renegade parade as well!!! yeow!

xxx steph

ps: there was so much awesome dancing at the pack show at mgtvle, and so after many discussions with various parties we have decided to take up the "more interpretive dancing" call once more. also more cheek-to-cheek/ballroom steez and also more booty. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! YOU'RE JUST TOO SCARED. YOU'RE ALL CHICKEN SHIT CONFORMISTS LIKE YOUR PARENTS. how many times can you do the fucking claw and not think "there must be more to hardcore shows than doing the fucking claw everytime there's some (rightfully clawful) breakdown"?! and the downward head shake - my neck and brain hurt after punx picnic. this is where the good posture encouraging nature of cheek-to-cheek reveals its glory. do it, do it, do it do it do it, my neck my back, etc

pps: now i'm gonna cop so much shit next time i'm at a show and i'm not doing some mad contemporary dance moves in nude coloured hotpants.

ppps: i'm listening to ethereal mist by 303infinity and it's mad!!! repeat status.

pppps: my ps's are longer than the non-ps'd part. what does that say about my ability to coherently arrange ideas into a flowing piece of writing? and on that note, why am i entrusted with proofreading essays and teaching kids english?

Saturday, February 10

shut-down show...

here's a quick message from shaun/tenzenmen re: the show we played the other night...

ok - anyone on list who paid to come along to the sabot show with
wog,the thaw and the warm feelings last night obviously didn't get to see afull
show for their money so i'd like to invite you to the followingcouple of shows
for free entry:

sunday feb 11th 2pm at the pitzthe black hundred, gioconda smile,
when chimps attack, half lifesunday

feb 25th 2pm at the pitzvery much robot,
wog, peewee, ohana


Wednesday, January 17

it's bad boy baby. can't stop. won't stop.


1. sabot are an amazing bass & drums duo from the czech republic.
2. sabot are coming back to sydney as part of their 'around the world in 81 days' tour.
3. kat is back from da desh in a few days (ps: she's got a new husband now as well)
4. our first show in a billion years is with the aforementioned sabot.
5. i bought a mood ring the other day and i am constantly "lovable" and "romantic". lovable isn't really a mood, but i'll take it.
6. facts 2 - 4 are radness and joy encapsulated. 5 was an attempt at padding - completely see-through.

oh here's deets yo:

tuesday 6th @ akemi``
sabot / the thaw / + tba
8pm, $5

wednesday 7th @ one-oh-one*
sabot / the thaw / wog / the warm feelings
8pm, $10

`` 40 great western highway, medlow bath, blue mountains. akemi is a great little space and we can have trampoline comps in the backyard between bands. bring that shit on you know you love it.
* one-oh-one is a new independent space in hibernian house ( - room 101 in the stained glass building, 342 illizabeth st, sizzle hizzayz). come check it out!

x steph

Friday, November 3

shows, shows, shows!


end of semester exam and assignment time is upon us and i think i'm going slightly mad. luckily there is some respite in sight! the rockin firewitch and blacklevel embassy are coming up from melbourne for some sunshine and ONE SHOW ONLY. we're also letting gallucci out of their study box for their first outing in a while. nov 10th at 22 (just down from paint it black on enmore road).

the next day (11th nov), we're heading down the coast to a lurvely little town called moruya for a massive riverfest featuring many awesome folks like nunchukka superfly and firewitch and many others i am having trouble recalling amidst the swirling images of spinal manipulations and wheelchair prescriptions in my mind's eye...

to top it all off we're doing a huge chooch-a-bahn on nov 18th with pure evil trio, lakes (melb) and naked on the vague (launching their new 7"). come along and say farewell as it'll be our last show for a few months!

in dot point form for the calendar:

nov 10th
the thaw + ble + firewitch + gallucci
@ 22 enmore road
from 6.30pm (will be finished by 10pm so don't be late!!)

nov 11th
@ moruya, south coast
from 11.30am til late (we're on at precisely 2.50pm)

chooch-a-bahn w/: pure evil trio, naked on the vague, lakes (melb) & googoogaga (melb)
@ lan franchis memorial discoteque (cleveland st, surry hills)
from 7pm

xxx kat thaw

ps if you missed magic dirt, you missed out. the fatness, the gee-tar squeals, the commanding lyrics, the FREE ep!!!

pps posters will be added shortly...

Thursday, October 26



on friday the 27th of october women around the globe will take to the streets, insisting on our right to live without fear of sexual harassment and physical abuse. marches will reclaim pubic spaces, and affirm our right to walk unhindered through the darkness of night.

beginning at town hall (6pm) we'll march on the streets to hyde park where a HUGE concert will celebrate all that is great about women! we'll (the thaw) be there making noise, as will circus wow, emma & nay and a whole lot of other rad females. food not bombs will have delish tucker! there's going to be stalls of info and greatness!

together we will stand with the 32 000 women who seek refuge from domestic violence each year in our nation and demand that ALL are entitled receive shelter, not just the half funding currently allows for. we will assert our right to walk alone at night, wearing whatever we please and speaking to whomever we chose. we will celebrate the resilience of women, the strength of the survivors of violent attacks, and the courage of those who speak out against the perpetuation of attitudes condoning violence against women.

the women’s movement will not be silenced. the female sex shall not become the silent majority trampled underfoot. the rampant use of force against women in our society makes us all feel uncomfortable. there may be no definitive answer to stopping violence against women, but it is certain that there are a myriad of strategies we can use to combat it if the support is forthcoming.

in australia, one in five women will be sexually assaulted at some stage in their life, with one in three experiencing physical abuse. the majority of these women are familiar with their attacker. it is time we stood together and spoke out.

please join us on friday.

xxx kat thaw

Wednesday, October 25

big deal

magic dirt were our fave band in highschool.
their music was dark and noisy. scary. empowering. they kicked our asses.
they made me wanna drown myself in noise and scream about all my demons.
we are playing with magic dirt at the annandale next saturday.
this is fucking mind-blowing.

here's deets, motherfuckers:

* magic dirt (worship) / gersey (sorry about perth...) / the thaw (lying in a gutter)
* annandale hotel
* $18 (actually it'll be a little more than that cos they insist on charging a "booking fee" ie using this as another excuse to extort money. but $22 on the door - you can save 50cents by pre buying hahahaha or sneak in for free!!!!!)

* animal lib stall !!!
* we play 8.30, so don't be one of those fuckers that turns up at 9 and goes "aww did i miss your set? damn!" unless of course, you really do wanna miss our set. but other ppl: don't be lame.

xoxo steph

ps: everyone's gotta wear name tags cos we're bad with names and so are you. we won't let memory deficits impede social progress - there will be stickers and a marker near our music desk (we don't sell merch! ahaha) so you can participate more fully in our democratic community of everlasting love.

Wednesday, October 11

brain melt / heart melt

i don't know where to begin... our triangle tour was so fucking cool...
i can only obsessively list... and poorly recount:

great people & moments:
* virgin male air hostess being all "hi"/*lean over* combo bend-at-the-waist arse vibe

* clouds

* somehow attracting an old asian lady to our tafe talk+show, then making her very scared during our set

* the guy in a KMFDM shirt dancing to okioki (cute nintendo pop trio)

* being billed as "three rock chicks" on the chalk board outside perth's hydey hotel. might explain the worrying number of crusty old dudes in attendance. one guy said to kat "are you the girl that was outside telling my friend to come to the show? because he said he was so bewildered by your beauty that he had to come" hahhahha

* conveniently failing to ask people if they were at the hydey to see the holly throsby/gersey show in the other room or our show. taking their money anyway. telling everyone else that they were welcome back when they got sick of gersey. not even knowing who gersey are really. telling them that they'd regret not staying in our side of the pub.

* hannibal lecture entry stamps hahaha. everyone asking "is it supposed to be me?" wtf?! you sick sick people!

* not wearing pants. feeling awesome. progression of our naked society

* everyone laughing at me when we were in paws (people and animal welfare society) because i wanted to buy a whole box of their chocolate, then getting the last laugh when everyone realised they wanted in.

* paul. pex. love love love!!!

* cindy posting kat's shorts home from perth (brain lesions!!) - they arrived in sydney before we did!

* dan young nuts dancing on a table trying to get ppl to buy our dvd by saying that there was "girl-on-girl action" on it

* our increasing boganess was becoming sorely apparent on tour. i remarked that kat seemed to be the most bogan out of all of us and challenged her to boganise the most unbogan things i could think of. the results:
- rwanda = "wando"
- sudan = "sudo"
- bangladesh = "bangers" (blonde liz from ass squad later told us that that's what ppl call bangkok so it's "bango" now)

* getting a call from dean magic dirt. yes. annandale 28th oct. containing myself. have a plan for babycakes instrumental making it onto their setlist. (ahhahahha!! man, it's dean's fav too! - kath) (i know!!!! fuck!!! - steph)

* getting a ruins reference. and a zorn reference. hahahah!!!! wtf?! still brilliant!!!

* jem firewitch being my new parallel universe twin. not worrying about feminimity issues.

* trying not to sleep. ever. failing at the last minute and conceding to a few crappy hours.

* dan wise, dan young nuts, tarkwand. dave, bene, matt, craig. love love!!!

* matt, liz and liz ass, other ass dude (so bad with names), burga, jem, irene lingerie crew, everyone that came to our shows, everyone that came up and talked to us and hung out, all of the slayful motherfuckers we played with. thankyou it was so fucking cool.

photos soon...

feeling bittersweet,
xoxox steph

ps: i never want to wear pants again. society is so repressive.

pps: i got my replacement sim. i don't know anyone's numbers! yall gotsa email/sms me ur didgets.

ppps: did we mention magic dirt!?!??! xxx kat thaw

*background squealing noises*

Thursday, October 5

waves festival for timor


there's this awesome festival on THIS WEEKEND that i organised to raise money for a community radio station in timor-leste (formerly east timor). so many ace bands, fine vegan food, amazing artworks for sale and of course, grand company. but in typical fashion we forgot to plug it here. thaw-ness is occurring sunday arvo but you should attend both days!

Waves - Sounds for Timor

@ The Pitz, 11 Faversham Street, Marrickville

Saturday October 7th (7pm - 12am)

Bug Girl (Wollongong)

Pure Evil Trio

Brand Disloyalty

Pay Colour

Happy Go Hate Fuck

Boys Club

Unaustralians (Melbourne)

Sunday October 8th (3pm - 8pm)


the thaw

Pigman Vampire (Lismore)

Dead Farmers

Eucalypt Band


All ages welcome.

Donation entry: $10

more hot faceless fotos (thx to will for takin these) :

Monday, October 2


WA and VIC were sooo fucking brilliant, you do not understand!

we met so many lovely beautiful people!!!

i am completely emotionally wasted...

we need to invent teleportation machines.

that's all for now. i'm devastated.

crying myself to sleep (haha),
xoxoxoxoxoxoxo steph

ps: i left my mobile somewhere in melbourne. probably in that park... send me msgs in a few days time when i get my new sim card (same number). meanwhile, write me at "minimumwageintellectual at gmail dot com" if youse want. my brain is exploding! fuck fuck fuck

note: i am also emotionally destroyed. thanks to the masses of wonderful / inspiring / amazing / rad kids that we meet during the week, and the friends who popped along. and anyone who helped us or came to shows or bought stuff. we love youse all.

for the first time in my life i can find no words. except that i've only been home 3 hours and whack shit is already going down (eg the alp is attempting to change it's policy to support more uranium mines). as always, ranting will ensue xxx kat

Monday, September 18

maggots eating brittney's face


it has been recently discovered that brittney spears is not a slut, but rather the virgin mother of maggot royalty mwwahahaha so in celebration the thaw is heading off around the country on a tri tour - sydney, perth, melbourne and home. we've even made a poster for you to print, cut and keep*!

fun occurrences:

friday 22nd sept
maggotfest featuring the thaw, assassination collective, scum system kill, brand disloyalty, omission from god, mass trauma
7pm @ maggotville (fitzroy st, marrickville)

thursday 28th sept
the thaw, bamodi, cease, okioki
8pm @ swan basement (fremantle)
for $5

friday 29th sept
the thaw, airport city shuffle, the leap year, diode
8pm @ hyde park hotel (perth)
only $5

saturday 30th sept
the thaw, black level embassy, rhythm bell, hand hell
9pm @ the pony (melbourne)
for cheapness ($10)
PLUS the mexicans at 2am

sunday 1st oct
the thaw, the fit, dane certificate
3pm @ irene (5 pitt street, brunswick)
a measly $5

sunday 8th oct
waves festival for timor featuring toe cutter, the thaw, pigman vampire, eucalypt band, dead farmers, crux
3pm @ the pitz (11 faversham st, marrickville)
only 10 smackaroos!

whoa mamma! that's a whole lotta rocking!

come on down and say hi to us if we're in your neck of the woods.

xxx kat

*the person who brings us the best pyramid on each night will get a rather special prize... go cuh-ray-zee with glitter and crayons and mobiles and stuff :o)

Monday, September 11

ye fest of maggots

sup foolz!

there's gonna be a two day festival at maggotville in september. it'll be cool. we is playin the friday show. come both days for max slayage!!

deets yo -

* fri 23rd: the thaw / assassination collective (mel) / scum system kill / omission from god (bris) / brand disloyalty / mass trauma

* sat 24th: brain resin (bris) / the focus / pure evil trio / falluja city rockers (canb) / vae victis / pigman vampire (lis)

* doors: 7pm

* damage: $10

the whole shindig is going to be so unbelivably ass kickingly HUGE that you'll have to kick your own ass if you don't get there as there will be no-one left to kick it for you! (ie everyone else will be there...) also, our rad new theramin song will be busting forth and slaying men with baseball bats, especially those who harass women on public transport late at night or yell out of cars or are generally oppressive fuck-tards.

xxx kat

ps: anyone who is still clueless about where maggotville is, it's 40 fitzroy st, marrickville... train that shit to syd-and-ham and walk the walk - trip planner is your friend. add it to your myspace.

pps: we'll be heading to perth and melb after this so stay tuned for more info on that front.

Wednesday, August 23

show this friday

we have a show this friday 25th at the sandringham hotel which is on 387 king st newtown.

it starts at 8pm and we're playing with the hard-ons and i heart hiroshima.

tickets are $15 so come only if you want to see all three bands.

we'll be on first, so come early if you want to catch us.

Monday, August 14



remember that time we went to melb? and played that rad gig with sabot and ni-hao and baseball?? no? well luckily for you it's been immortalised in a dvd which is available for purchase from us for a measly $10.

you can watch all these bands slaying and us getting up there making noise (not quite as exciting...). check it out :o)

xxx kat

Wednesday, August 2

hell yeah!

hello! two awesome bands from melbourne are coming our way soon. and we are playing with them. you should come!

here's deets:
* the thaw (fairfield train stn) / radiant city (melb) / rhythm bell (melb)
* sat 19th aug @ yvonne ruve, 8pm
* $6 - $10

hopefully our tapes will be ready by then (i know, sorry)

x steph

ps: SY show was brilliant!!!

pps: mark (qatar one) and friends - we're real sorry that you missed our set at the gaelic club. seems as though the gaelic club people decided to kick us all out early because they weren't raking in enough money via alcohol sales to deem it worthwhile to keep the place open til the agreed time. it would've been nice if they had told us this a little earlier in the night so that we weren't told at the last minute that we had 15 minutes to set up and play (some shuffling could've been done, some in-btwn band times shortened, etc) - ridiculous! sorry for all the people who were disappointed with this!!! this is yet another incident further confirming our convictions about the terrible way in which some pub venues go about their business.

dear the gaelic club: you sucked a lot on friday. we hope you don't do this to any other bands in the future.

dear yvonne ruve crew: good luck with the bill!!!

Monday, July 24

no sound without $$$

the sound no sound crew have been providing a great space for people to make noise (some musical, some less so - all enjoyable) for a while now at yvonne ruve. unfortunately this requires electricity, which costs money, which is scarce.

luckily YOU can help out! on friday 28th july there will be a benefit show at the gaelic club (oh, the irony!) to get together enough cash to clear the debts and continue operations. it's only $10 for an amazing bunch of people, all donating their musical abilities to the cause:

The Thaw
Naked On The Vague
Rand & Holland
The Warm Feelings
Prehistoric FM

doors open at 7pm so make sure you get there early! it's vital that places like yvonne ruve exist so that the local music scene can continue to experiment and grow.

xxx kat

ps if you're coming to sonic youth this wed night we're on at 7.20pm so come down early to make the enmore seem a little smaller and help our shaky hands :o)

Saturday, July 1

beauty and brutality

hey everyone!

we are playing a show at maggotville in a little while.

there will be destroying, but there will also be romance. sort of like the tagline to terminator 2*. except for the bit about romance. that's something that only eddy furlong and i knew... man i love that movie.

oh here's deets:

* saturday 15th july, 8pm @ maggotville^

* could've moved mountians (melbun) / alps (newie) / pure evil (up a wall) / the thaw (gutter)

* $6 - $10 (whatever u can afford - give some luv to our travelling friends)

hope to see you all there!

x steph

ps: we'll probably have our new demo tape ready by this show!!!! fingers crossed.

* the actual tagline may look a bit more like this: "Ten Years Ago. The Machines Who Rule The Future Sent An Unstoppable Terminator To Assassinate The Yet Unborn John Connor. They Failed. In 1991. The Machines Will Try Again." but surely it's just.. you know.. you say tomato i say tomato (ok, that doesn't work so well when you write it out...)

^ if ya haven't been to the lovely maggotville, it's @ 40 fitzroy st, marrickville. you can catch a train to sydenham station and walk. or even wander down emore road from newtown (although you might like to catch a bus along enmore road to the park and walk down edinbough rd). support public transport! it's the only way it's gonna get any better!

Thursday, June 22

branching out


because we all have an incredible amount to say (some of it pertaining to the thaw, some of it slightly related to, and some of it not even remotely near it) i've made a new blog on which to capture the torrents of bile which spill from my cranium. you can find it if you click on that little link over there about spleen venting...

it begins with my version of the alphabet.

xxx kat

"i'm not saying we're geniuses but at least we try hard to pay attention"
- propaghandi

Tuesday, June 20

alphabet / break / could've moved mountains (+ alps) / demo / enmore / football

i've recently discovered the joys of reading the thesaurus (sad but true), mostly stimulated by the reading of a book called everything is illuminated by johnathan safran foer in which a ukranian is given a thesaurus to help increase his english vernacular. it leads to a rather interesting misuse of the english language (a la kath & kim). so in that vein...

a is for alphabet (see above)

b is for break, which we are currently having. lots of things on - exams, football world cup, trying to make new sounds, band camps. but not to worry, we'll be back soon cos:

c is for could've moved mountains who are popping by as part of their east coast tour. along for the ride is alps (newcastle?). we'll be doing a show on saturday july 15th at maggottville (on fitzroy st, marrickville) with pure evil playing on the night as well! we'll get more details and flyers and things happening post haste.

d is for demo, something we're doing a lot of lately. hopefully we shall have our tape ready for your aural pleasure rather soon. in the meantime you can always pick up a copy of our ep, out on soviet records. you can still get copies off us, paint it black or missing link. check out the soviet site for details of the new mail order jazz they're setting up:

e is for enmore, as in the enmore theatre, as in the enmore theatre on the 26th of july with sonic youth and love of diagrams. we're stoked to be playing this show, so if you've already got tix then come on down to see us play early (i mean quite early - 7.20pm). if not, it's $60 so make sure you're really very super extra-ordinarily definate before you invest.

f is for football. nuf said. well, on consideration, i'd like to reinforce the fact that like the late, great johnny warren: i told you so. in addition, i'm tipping argentina and spain to dominate at the pointy end of the tournament.

g is for gee whiz!

and on that nerdy note i'll sign off.

xxx kat

Wednesday, June 7

end of an era

it is with sadness that i inform you all of the closing of the compound, one of the few independent music venues in sydney.

BUT luckily there will be one last shin-dig so come along and farewell the place in style!

saturday 10th june @ the compound (22 enmore rd, newtown)
the model / eddy current suppression ring / the thaw
from 4pm
all ages and species welcome!

sorry, not sure how much it is yet but it'll be cheap and definately worth the dollars. there's also going to be an animal liberation stall. definately check that out and be informed about the ways of the world we inhabit.

so come on down early and get your long weekend off to a great start. long live the queen's birthday weekend!!! (probably the only good thing about the queen...)

xxx kat

------------------------------------------------- - -- -- -- - - -- - --- ----


taken by pip

'twas a wet and windy night...

ah, last friday. the first real rains we've had in months. and of course it had to be on when we were playing at st ives youth centre, out in the suburbs!

it took us nearly an hour and a half to get there from lidcombe! bloody ridiculous!!! why so many morons needed to be on the road i will never fathom.

despite the soggy surrounds it was a rather great night with ample punters and glory up on stage. gallucci went nuts on the floor (literally) and swapped us for some rad tapes, guns are for kids had a great dance up on stage, eucalypt band ripped it up and even featured some sleigh bells, and local band gone by ten put in a solid showing with one of the most gorgeous kits i've seen for a long time. and we played somewhere in there too. PLUS the fantastic folk at the youth centre made us delish tofu sangers *yyyuuuummmm*

it's a great venue so if you're interested in playing there give em a call or email or something... i'll post it as soon as i locate it!

xxx kat

ps if you missed it you missed a rad night!

Monday, May 8

let them eat cake... cough. yarr.

good day!
i'm just writing to tell you all that we are playing a benefit show in a few weeks time to raise some monet's for one umbrella, which is an organisation that collects unused food to cook for the homeless. completely amazing!

we are playing on sunday 28th may
with macromantics, galluci, brand disloyalty and eucalypt band
@ gallery 44 (44 little oxford st, slurry)
it will be an all ages, afternoon show from 3 til 7
there will be paintings and cake which are being sold to raise more $$ for one umbrella!

please come!!!

for more info on what one umbrella do, check out:

xo steph

Wednesday, May 3

hot kit action

This friday we're heading down to wollongong for our FIRST TIME to launch bracode's new offering, Greatest Tits. There will be 2 gorgeous kits on stage making sweet, rhythmic lurve - both the infamous vision in pink known as Jim and the sparkly silver goddess belonging to Erica. It will be a beautiful sight to behold. Oh, and there'll be some collections of people making music on a stage-like area... All without you having to shell out a cent.

Bracode, the thaw, The Nice Folk

Friday May 5th @ Oxford Tavern from 9pm

PLUS it's freeeeeeeeee (where else can you get your kicks for nix???). So come down and celebrate the beautiful music to be made on gorgeous drum kits.

Thursday, April 27

i ambush u with a cup of coffee

holla moles
we're gonna be chillin at the hopetoun this sat (29th april)
tuckers b's, airport city shuffle (perth) and seaworthy will also be there - chillin.

we might get up on stage at some time,
organise some notes into meaningful clusters...
that whole thing

so yall should come along and nod encouragingly at us while we play. this makes us play better and makes us feel less like knobs. it's just nice, you know? reallly nice, all that nodding.


x steph

ps: we're on first i rkn. so don't be a cunt, come early.



get down



next week we'll be terrorising wollsville! yarrrrrrrr!

Thursday, April 20

there's a flipside to that coin


The Gingers(Melb)/Bracode/the thaw/Iron On(Bris)/Milk(Melb)/Jemima Jones/ Babymachine

saturday 22nd April

@ Lan Franchis Memorial Discotheque (144 Cleveland St, Chippendale)

Time: 2pm - 10pm

Entry: $8/$5

more info soon

Friday, April 7

doin' it for the kids


to celebrate the opening of a new rehearsal space at chatswood youth centre we're taking part in a massive "rock vs hip-hop" night of all ages splendour. its us and colatia and chaosmaths, and a rad doco screening too.

we be bringing the forces of 'rock' to the suburbs on thursday 13th april. the night kicks off at around 6pm and in a whirlwind will finish somewhere near 8pm. its only $5 to witness the radness with all proceeds going towards helping the youth. and no excuses - its only 5 mins from chatwood train station so utilise public transport children.

can you handle it?!?!?!


we played at sydney uni on thurs nite to celebrate women's nite of pride week

it was fucking amazing! the nite raised $275 for a women's refuge!!!!!!!!

mad props to the organising committee and to zoe who did some spoken word/poetry slam!!!!!!! fuck this woman was incredible! intelligent creative emotional intense crazy rhymes about politics racism love sex everything mad flow no bullshit talking. i actually was interested and cared about what she was saying (first time in a long time, hey?) zoe fucking SLAYED so many foolz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 3

stab you in the eye, bitch.

holla negroes

we is playin @ spectrum wit da stabz (dat is official oxford dictionary spelling too. we is educated proper and ain't no foolz), witch hatz and nunchukka yo

--> sat 11th march!

we prolly on first because we is da least famousest and totally shitcore (new schtick genre to create an aura of mystery & an illusion of ingenuity to our absolute lameness).

come early for the shitcore...
stay for the stabbing action performed with an arm.


Tuesday, February 21

sleep is over-rated

we made it back from melb in one piece (barely!).

the whole week was a blast - ni hao are aweome, fun, exciting and amazing musicians. we played with loads of rad bands and managed to avoid the killer trams on the streets of melb town.

anyone at the bar open show will be pleased to know that it was recorded and the entire thing will be put on dvd for sale sometime in the near future. it was a great night of diverse music; us, baseball, sabot and nihao!

also, for those down in melb who missed out at the show (damn lazy fuckers!) we've got some cds in missing link for purchase at a measly $6. almost as cheap as those 'potato cakes' you have down there. [or u can send us an email and we'll send one out to ya, s.w.a.k!]

so big ups to twitch of the death nerve, dad they broke me, grey daturas, bad cop bad cop, witch hats and everyone else we played with. hope to see a few of you up north sometime soon. we luv u melbourne!!!!!!!!!! we miss all the awesome people we met down there and hopefully we can come back soooooooon!!!!!!!!


in advance news we'll be playing sheilafest, put on by the lurvely girls at scooter, on april 22nd. its a whole festival celebrating female artists so come along for a rockin day. will give more details once we've got em!

Thursday, February 2


we're gonna be touring with ni-hao! (from japan!) around sydney and melbs! weeela.

ch-check it out:

tuesday feb 14th + empire hotel, sydney
(ni-hao! / the thaw / rose turtle ertler ++ scooter show)

wednesday feb 15th + mandarin club, sydney
(ni-hao! / the thaw / vincent over the sink / le paper dolls)

thursday feb 16th + baropen, melbourne
(ni-hao! / baseball / sabot / the thaw)

friday feb 17th + public office, melbourne
(ni-hao! / grey daturas / the thaw / dad they broke me / eddie current suppression ring)

saturday feb 18th + pony, melbourne
(ni-hao! / witch hats / twitch of the death nerve / bad cop bad cop)
(2am: the thaw)

phew! come and danc your legs silly

Thursday, December 29

life in slo-mo

pics from supporting sleater kinney when they played at the gaelic club on jan 27th...

Monday, April 25

here it is, the long awaited glory that is 'josephine' - ain't she beautiful!?!?!?!

now with gorgeous black heads and sparkling sabian cymbals - oooohhhh mama!