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Tuesday, February 21

sleep is over-rated

we made it back from melb in one piece (barely!).

the whole week was a blast - ni hao are aweome, fun, exciting and amazing musicians. we played with loads of rad bands and managed to avoid the killer trams on the streets of melb town.

anyone at the bar open show will be pleased to know that it was recorded and the entire thing will be put on dvd for sale sometime in the near future. it was a great night of diverse music; us, baseball, sabot and nihao!

also, for those down in melb who missed out at the show (damn lazy fuckers!) we've got some cds in missing link for purchase at a measly $6. almost as cheap as those 'potato cakes' you have down there. [or u can send us an email and we'll send one out to ya, s.w.a.k!]

so big ups to twitch of the death nerve, dad they broke me, grey daturas, bad cop bad cop, witch hats and everyone else we played with. hope to see a few of you up north sometime soon. we luv u melbourne!!!!!!!!!! we miss all the awesome people we met down there and hopefully we can come back soooooooon!!!!!!!!


in advance news we'll be playing sheilafest, put on by the lurvely girls at scooter, on april 22nd. its a whole festival celebrating female artists so come along for a rockin day. will give more details once we've got em!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey guys!!

really enjoyed the bar open show.. I should have a little teaser of your set cut in the next two weeks.. I'll post you a link for it when it's done.


dunno if you've seen the other snippets of ni-hao and sabot??

Wed Mar 08, 10:50:00 am  

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