the thaw


Friday, March 3

stab you in the eye, bitch.

holla negroes

we is playin @ spectrum wit da stabz (dat is official oxford dictionary spelling too. we is educated proper and ain't no foolz), witch hatz and nunchukka yo

--> sat 11th march!

we prolly on first because we is da least famousest and totally shitcore (new schtick genre to create an aura of mystery & an illusion of ingenuity to our absolute lameness).

come early for the shitcore...
stay for the stabbing action performed with an arm.



Blogger Kevin said...


I seen you guys with Ni-Hao in Sydney at the Empire and at Mandarin... The Thaw Rocks! Hopefully i can make it to spectrum this week...

anyway, a friend of mine works for this site, , who promote unsigned bands from sydney.. if u would like to have your band featured, check out the site and they will most likely check out your show and interview you...

So yeah... hope to see you soon..

Tue Mar 07, 07:59:00 pm  

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