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Saturday, July 1

beauty and brutality

hey everyone!

we are playing a show at maggotville in a little while.

there will be destroying, but there will also be romance. sort of like the tagline to terminator 2*. except for the bit about romance. that's something that only eddy furlong and i knew... man i love that movie.

oh here's deets:

* saturday 15th july, 8pm @ maggotville^

* could've moved mountians (melbun) / alps (newie) / pure evil (up a wall) / the thaw (gutter)

* $6 - $10 (whatever u can afford - give some luv to our travelling friends)

hope to see you all there!

x steph

ps: we'll probably have our new demo tape ready by this show!!!! fingers crossed.

* the actual tagline may look a bit more like this: "Ten Years Ago. The Machines Who Rule The Future Sent An Unstoppable Terminator To Assassinate The Yet Unborn John Connor. They Failed. In 1991. The Machines Will Try Again." but surely it's just.. you know.. you say tomato i say tomato (ok, that doesn't work so well when you write it out...)

^ if ya haven't been to the lovely maggotville, it's @ 40 fitzroy st, marrickville. you can catch a train to sydenham station and walk. or even wander down emore road from newtown (although you might like to catch a bus along enmore road to the park and walk down edinbough rd). support public transport! it's the only way it's gonna get any better!


Anonymous kabukiboy said...

ah - where's the romance....?

so - it seems you were right - you have no friends!?

Tue Jul 04, 08:26:00 am  
Anonymous Transit said...

i just saw a live clip from Bar Melbourne on the Trainwreck 20/20 DVD. Nice stuff. I also saw you play at the Unicorns show where they passed their equipment around over everyone's head.

I will try to make it to the Maggotville show.


Tue Jul 04, 01:47:00 pm  
Blogger *the thaw* said...

whow! that show was a long time ago. things i remember from that show:

* it was hot, so very hot, so very extraordinarily hot in fact that i actually needed to borrow a singlet of kath or else i would've died of hotness (actually i should probably say heat exhaustion)!

* oh belgium! were very scared of sydney-siders as they'd been yelled at getting off the train at central. apparently this never happens in melb...

* the unicorns slept all arvo (prob through our set too)

* it was packed and i plonked down in front of these poor canadians for the oh belgium! set and they were extremely nice and accommodating considering i was totally blocking their view. but for the unicorns we just danced up the back and complained about all the tall people blocking our view *grrr*

* we made more money than we'd ever made at a show before (in hindsight not very much)

so yes, you should come to maggotville :o)

Tue Jul 04, 03:09:00 pm  
Blogger mikeymidnight said...

i cant believe youz are supporting Sonic Youth, thats crazy. do you need a roady???


Wed Jul 05, 01:29:00 pm  
Anonymous kabukiboy said...

i cant believe youz are supporting Sonic Youth financially, thats crazy. do you need a roady???

Thu Jul 06, 02:57:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi thaw team,
I'm impressed by your style. please tell me the secret of your success. Also, the names of your guitar pedals would be nice.

Okay, break!

Fri Jul 14, 02:21:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



Sun Jul 16, 11:08:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



Sun Jul 16, 11:09:00 pm  

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