the thaw


Thursday, April 27

i ambush u with a cup of coffee

holla moles
we're gonna be chillin at the hopetoun this sat (29th april)
tuckers b's, airport city shuffle (perth) and seaworthy will also be there - chillin.

we might get up on stage at some time,
organise some notes into meaningful clusters...
that whole thing

so yall should come along and nod encouragingly at us while we play. this makes us play better and makes us feel less like knobs. it's just nice, you know? reallly nice, all that nodding.


x steph

ps: we're on first i rkn. so don't be a cunt, come early.



get down



next week we'll be terrorising wollsville! yarrrrrrrr!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i WAS there, nodding like a glazed dog, but it was from OUTSIDE - fuck the hopetoun if it expects us to pay $10 to stand by the door.
not that you gals weren't worth it, but i just didn't have a square to spare!
besides, i had plenty of company!
xo pip

Fri Jun 02, 02:38:00 pm  

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