the thaw


Monday, July 24

no sound without $$$

the sound no sound crew have been providing a great space for people to make noise (some musical, some less so - all enjoyable) for a while now at yvonne ruve. unfortunately this requires electricity, which costs money, which is scarce.

luckily YOU can help out! on friday 28th july there will be a benefit show at the gaelic club (oh, the irony!) to get together enough cash to clear the debts and continue operations. it's only $10 for an amazing bunch of people, all donating their musical abilities to the cause:

The Thaw
Naked On The Vague
Rand & Holland
The Warm Feelings
Prehistoric FM

doors open at 7pm so make sure you get there early! it's vital that places like yvonne ruve exist so that the local music scene can continue to experiment and grow.

xxx kat

ps if you're coming to sonic youth this wed night we're on at 7.20pm so come down early to make the enmore seem a little smaller and help our shaky hands :o)


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