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Wednesday, August 2

hell yeah!

hello! two awesome bands from melbourne are coming our way soon. and we are playing with them. you should come!

here's deets:
* the thaw (fairfield train stn) / radiant city (melb) / rhythm bell (melb)
* sat 19th aug @ yvonne ruve, 8pm
* $6 - $10

hopefully our tapes will be ready by then (i know, sorry)

x steph

ps: SY show was brilliant!!!

pps: mark (qatar one) and friends - we're real sorry that you missed our set at the gaelic club. seems as though the gaelic club people decided to kick us all out early because they weren't raking in enough money via alcohol sales to deem it worthwhile to keep the place open til the agreed time. it would've been nice if they had told us this a little earlier in the night so that we weren't told at the last minute that we had 15 minutes to set up and play (some shuffling could've been done, some in-btwn band times shortened, etc) - ridiculous! sorry for all the people who were disappointed with this!!! this is yet another incident further confirming our convictions about the terrible way in which some pub venues go about their business.

dear the gaelic club: you sucked a lot on friday. we hope you don't do this to any other bands in the future.

dear yvonne ruve crew: good luck with the bill!!!


Anonymous ben said...

hello the thaw,
yes i went to that gig at the gaelic club and the people on the door were pretty rude...still you played a great set anyway! (and so did all the other bands i saw)...gonna come along to the yvonne ruve show for sure! (btw what's the date of that?)
p.s. love your bruce lee ep!!!

Thu Aug 03, 12:38:00 pm  
Blogger *the thaw* said...

hey ben
thx so much! glad u enjoyed the show.

damn i always forget something when i post about a gig... the show is on sat 19th aug (2 and a bit weeks time). will see ya there!

x steph

Thu Aug 03, 04:47:00 pm  
Anonymous Qatar Mark said...

It's ok, i still love you, even though you hurt me so... :P

Fri Aug 04, 10:08:00 pm  

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