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Wednesday, January 23

cash money is a army, i'm walkin wit purple hearts on me

hey what's up we're back from melbourne and it was really really cool. we met a lot of awesome people and ate a lot of pies! thanks so much to everyone who hung out with us, put up with us, got down with us and donated monies to our petrol fund hehe.

here are some highlights:
- lambs ear leaves
- sweet towns along the way with great coffee and faerie books
- food obsessions reaching scary proportions
- the guy who punched his fist in the air and yelled "RESPECT!" at us after the kitchen show
- hanging out at loophole, what a great place!! fuck off nazi punx!!!
- being slang merchants (according to alex eucalypt), having a 10 minute debate about the definition of "bunging it on" and its correct usage
- 10 minute discussion about things worse than "being poked in the eye with a burnt stick"
- elise's bass being so loud and brutal i needed to vomit
- do it yourself light shows
- luke coming to melbourne and suprising us!! yay!!
- watching "bring it on again" at liz turner's house, a cinematic masterpiece
- every noodle-metal section in quebec's set. quebec are screamo noodle-metal. what a great combination.
- people buying our cd's and saying crazy stuff to us

x steph

ps: i saw rage against the machine last night. fucken hell it was awesome.


Anonymous kabukiboy said...

fuck off nazi punx!!!


what's that about?

Wed Feb 06, 02:51:00 pm  
Blogger *the thaw* said...

while we were in melb some losers put red paint all over the front of loophole community gallery and threatened the kids inside.

but it all got cleaned up, no-one was physically hurt and i think they sorted out who it was and dealt with it.

Wed Feb 06, 03:14:00 pm  

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