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Monday, June 4

june bugs

we have three showz in june!!
all of which are fuckin deffo pletes awes x infinity squared!!

here's deets, playaz:

+ pure evil trio (highest ratio of crushes to band members... ahaha)
+ passenger of shit (????)~
+ the thaw (highest propensity to uprock/booty/pick fruit off trees during inappropriate song sections)
+ say cheese and die (musical chairs playin, riot-inducing crazies)
+ toecutter (psy trance space explorer superhero) who is gonna mc YOUR FACE!

at MGTVLE (40 fitzroy st marrickville), 8pm

+ blacklevel embassy (aka athletic thighs hahaha aka fucken brill)
+ the thaw (aka we'll try not to suck)
+ radiant city (aka rad sizzlz aka best influences list ever)
+ brand disloyalty (aka bo dizzlz aka nirvana)

at the pitz (11 faversham st marrickville), 7pm aka early show
$8 donation

+ birushana (japanese for "hoori fuck!")
+ dad they broke me (victorian for "wow i just shat my pants but for some reason i feel good inside")
+ shagnum (victorian for "i have no idea aye")~
+ the thaw (meh...)

at MGTVLE (shorthand for "hmmm anyone notice a pattern emerging here? fucken get outta marrickville ya cunce"), 8pm

xoxoxo steph

ps: i'm sorry if this is a bit overwhelming. i kinda feel like that after typing all that up. maybe we can be overwhelmed together... and find connection in the sharing of our excess whelms... haha oh jeez somebody give me hug

~ go the tilde, i love a bit of tilde action. people should embrace the tilde! don't be afraid of it! we will have a tilde revolution and we shall no longer relegate it to the "weird symbols on my keyboard that i don't use, cos why use a tilde when you can use an asterisk?" box. dude the asterisk is played out. go forth now and tilder (verb: meaning "to use a tilde and feel joyous and free of the restraints of keyboard norms")! but before you do that umm yeah, anyone wanna tell me what these bands sound like and/or offer a description that is lame enough to fit in with the ones i've come up with so far? cos y'know, maintaining a sense of voice in this blog post is of the highest concern right now...


Blogger Mark said...

I know nothing about the other bands, but in the Unix tradition, '~' means your home directory. It's a very cuddly symbol.

... geekiest post ever!

Mon Jun 04, 03:10:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

two shows a month indeed.

Wed Jun 06, 01:03:00 pm  

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