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Wednesday, October 17

holla gangstaaaaazz

sup playaz,
aargh sorry we haven't updated this blog in a while!! we played a really cool animal lib benefit in wollzville the other week, and we're losers so we forgot to post it up on here.

here's an attempt at self-improvement: we got a show this saturday, so come along and we'll have study group if you're stressing about exams/essays/theses/work/life! (cos godammit, we are!)

sweet deets:
SCOOTER SHOW! sat 20th october
* the thaw / cherry 2000 / terrastylus
* @ 4 Talbot St, St. Peters (off Princes Hwy)
* 4-8pm, $5 entry
* all ages

hell yeah!

xoxo steph

ps: we will finally have cd versions of our convenience kills tape for sale =)


Blogger Mark said...

rock. been a while coming, but i forgive you.

Wed Oct 17, 02:46:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I mail order your cd? --Craig

Wed Oct 17, 08:28:00 pm  
Anonymous kabukiboy said...

you can mailorder from if the thaw send out cds ;-)

Fri Oct 19, 02:59:00 pm  
Blogger *the thaw* said...

write to us at: thethawthethaw at gmail dot com. we'll hook you up with either bruce lee or convenience kills or maybe both if you're lucky!!

we're not too busy, just normally busy :o)

kat thaw

Fri Oct 19, 04:18:00 pm  

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