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Monday, August 20

fight the power


it's less than a month til APEC, so we're gonna start hearing about all the "wonderful" things our neighbours have been up to. and then all the heads of government will stand around, talk a load of palava and pretend to give a crap about real people. but not do anything about it. if the thought of APEC annoys you, get involved in the various protest activites happening around sydney, and australia.

one of which is the new exhibition trajectories of dissent. it's prob hard to read the flyer, but there's a benefit show on that we'll be playing. come along!

saturday 25th august
w/ the bakery, the caca and more
from 7pm @ tooth studios (67 sydenham road, marrickville)
only $7

or go here to learn more about the exhibition.

cheers, kat thaw


Anonymous Liam said...

yo, my name's Liam. Ahh, this is kind of irrelevant to your post, but I saw you open for Sonic Youth in 2006. It was quite honestly the best music performance I've ever seen in my entire life (I liked you guys more than Sonic Youth, actually). Is there any way I can get a recording of your band, bootleg or otherwise? I'm really interested.
my email's, please reply.


Tue Sep 25, 09:45:00 pm  

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