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Monday, August 14



remember that time we went to melb? and played that rad gig with sabot and ni-hao and baseball?? no? well luckily for you it's been immortalised in a dvd which is available for purchase from us for a measly $10.

you can watch all these bands slaying and us getting up there making noise (not quite as exciting...). check it out :o)

xxx kat


Anonymous couldve moved mountains said...

you girls really bring it on this dvd
im into it


Tue Aug 15, 01:47:00 pm  
Blogger Kevin said...

so umm, how can i get a copy...?

Tue Aug 15, 10:16:00 pm  
Blogger *the thaw* said...

rob!!! thx for the nice words =)
can't wait for you guys to be in syd again! and we're coming back to melbs so we should all hang out.

kevin: sorry, you can't really read that hey? you can get it off us at shows. we'll have some on saturday *hint hint*

x steph

Thu Aug 17, 09:36:00 am  
Blogger Kevin said...

hey! hahaha i didnt bother to actually *click* on the pic till after I posted that comment.... then i realised that its all clearly explained.. lol..
id love to come along on saturday, however i have a crazy birthday party in the city that night.. :]

you guys rock.. steph, u are an amazing guitarist.. u have inspired me to get a boss dd-20, however funds do not permit as yet lol..

all the best
-kev :]

Fri Aug 18, 09:26:00 pm  
Anonymous kabukiboy said...

best dvd i ever made

Wed Aug 30, 09:32:00 pm  

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