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Monday, September 11

ye fest of maggots

sup foolz!

there's gonna be a two day festival at maggotville in september. it'll be cool. we is playin the friday show. come both days for max slayage!!

deets yo -

* fri 23rd: the thaw / assassination collective (mel) / scum system kill / omission from god (bris) / brand disloyalty / mass trauma

* sat 24th: brain resin (bris) / the focus / pure evil trio / falluja city rockers (canb) / vae victis / pigman vampire (lis)

* doors: 7pm

* damage: $10

the whole shindig is going to be so unbelivably ass kickingly HUGE that you'll have to kick your own ass if you don't get there as there will be no-one left to kick it for you! (ie everyone else will be there...) also, our rad new theramin song will be busting forth and slaying men with baseball bats, especially those who harass women on public transport late at night or yell out of cars or are generally oppressive fuck-tards.

xxx kat

ps: anyone who is still clueless about where maggotville is, it's 40 fitzroy st, marrickville... train that shit to syd-and-ham and walk the walk - trip planner is your friend. add it to your myspace.

pps: we'll be heading to perth and melb after this so stay tuned for more info on that front.


Anonymous kabukiboy said...

tell us the news we all want to hear!

Wed Sep 13, 08:30:00 am  
Anonymous Brand Disloyalty said...

The brand disloyalty guide to the opposite of how we will play on saturday:

They had all started bitching behind each other’s backs to the sound guy to turn their respective instruments up. It was not long before they became the loudest rock ensemble since Midnight Oil to tour the Coogee pub scene. People were always talking about their songs. "Did you hear how loud that song was?', and people would reply, "Yes, yes it was. It was loud". People usually heard about the band in two ways, by word of mouth and from the noise pollution from the show. Often it was both of these at the same time. People trying to talk to their friends in public places couldn't do so due to the volume level when they played. They would keep asking each other "What the fuck is this noise?", and answer, "What?, I cant hear you. What the fuck is this noise". People spent millions of dollars per year on extreme sports and extreme food. What they needed was extreme music related apparel to express their interest in this extremely loud band. The bands label started producing merchandise by the truckload. It was just taking note of a market and meeting its interest. It was saturation advertising. Media carpet-bombing. People starting forming groups and subcultures based on the bands rock-philosophy. If they had a motto it would have been "I can listen to music which you never can, or ever would". It gave people a feeling of superiority. It felt good. No matter how weak or stupid or ugly you were, everyone else was musically degenerate compared to you. The elitism of the movement only made it more popular, yet popularity had no effect on the exclusiveness. Even if there were only ever two people who listened to the group, one person would always KNOW MORE about how loud the sings were, than the other or one person would always have been at the loud shows, BEFORE the other. Some people had even heard them before they were loud... And then there was always your post-count. From its inception the extreme music scene was tragically flawed. Tangent. People couldn't help themselves from forming ranks. It was a natural human social response. No one is equal, even if they are. Inevitability for conflict was preprogrammed into people’s instinct. Anybody who lives anything other than a solitary existence, will eventually suffer, administer and reciprocate ill will, to some degree, against another person as a result of socialisation. The existence of an a creature with malevolent personality traits combined with the need for companionship and a propensity to breed, living in direct competition to its own species, can only be described gross mistake, or cruel ultimatum by nature. All these socially hierarchical creatures, who are inherently inevitable to factionalise and attack one another were multiplying in an environment of fixed size. End tangent. No one person could be held to blame for the extinction. Everyone was unequally irresponsible. At the last show the loud revolution burnt itself out. Hearing Damage, volume increase. Volume increase, more damage. More damage, more volume increases. The band couldn't hear what they were playing anymore, so they kept turning up the volume. It got so loud that not one audience member could hear anything anymore either. Everyone’s hearing was fucked. Eventually someone accidentally cut off the power to the amps. The band couldn't hear anything anymore, so they kept on playing along in silence. They had no idea of when the song was supposed to end, and everyone in the crowd was still nodding their heads and dancing, so the band waited for the audience to stop dancing until they would stop playing. The audience couldn't hear anything, but didn't wanted anyone else to know that they couldn't hear what they were dancing to, so they kept on dancing as long as the band kept on playing. The owner of the venue found them all still there in the early morning, playing and dancing in silence.

Sat Sep 16, 10:15:00 am  
Blogger *the thaw* said...

hahahah this is a super delayed reaction but:

dear member of brand disloyalty,
holy crap that was awesome!!


Wed Feb 28, 11:25:00 am  

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