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Thursday, October 26



on friday the 27th of october women around the globe will take to the streets, insisting on our right to live without fear of sexual harassment and physical abuse. marches will reclaim pubic spaces, and affirm our right to walk unhindered through the darkness of night.

beginning at town hall (6pm) we'll march on the streets to hyde park where a HUGE concert will celebrate all that is great about women! we'll (the thaw) be there making noise, as will circus wow, emma & nay and a whole lot of other rad females. food not bombs will have delish tucker! there's going to be stalls of info and greatness!

together we will stand with the 32 000 women who seek refuge from domestic violence each year in our nation and demand that ALL are entitled receive shelter, not just the half funding currently allows for. we will assert our right to walk alone at night, wearing whatever we please and speaking to whomever we chose. we will celebrate the resilience of women, the strength of the survivors of violent attacks, and the courage of those who speak out against the perpetuation of attitudes condoning violence against women.

the women’s movement will not be silenced. the female sex shall not become the silent majority trampled underfoot. the rampant use of force against women in our society makes us all feel uncomfortable. there may be no definitive answer to stopping violence against women, but it is certain that there are a myriad of strategies we can use to combat it if the support is forthcoming.

in australia, one in five women will be sexually assaulted at some stage in their life, with one in three experiencing physical abuse. the majority of these women are familiar with their attacker. it is time we stood together and spoke out.

please join us on friday.

xxx kat thaw


Anonymous kabukiboy said...

was a great evening for the time i was there - hope the rest of the night went well

Sun Oct 29, 09:15:00 pm  

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