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Friday, February 16

songs abt bein in the city vs. songs abt bein in da club

hope your valentines didn't involve foil-wrapped cow rape or too much brutal corruption of the flourishing of plant life... hope there were secret messages etched under paint and awkward moments where the only thing you can do is laugh and try to un-blush, etc. but you know, hope this stuff happens any day or everyday.

speaking of which (but not really, couldn't be fucked thinking of an actual segue), here's a headz up for some showz that are comin up:

9th march - wow!
agents of abhorrence (vic grind)
crux (lakemba cookie monster claw & all round physical attractiveness)
masstrauma (thrashy goodness)
the thaw (smithfield spastic power trio bahahaha)

25th march - wow! #2
wog (two piece halal rhythmic destruction + jew jokes in btwn songs + cowbell pride fo real)
tony buck (one-handed rolls ?? bring it on grrl)
the thaw (see previous + impromptu renditions of got rice by azn pride + kath is cambo and "omg that's sooo rare!" hahah hi bryce!)
@ the hopetuon hotel
we're on 7.15!! it's freeeeeeeeee

haha there's a tiger saying "free!" hahah i don't know why i find that so funny but i just do

mo info/lame attempts at bracketed descriptions that are supposed to sound enticing and deets pertaining to damage soon

oh oh oh n we're playin renegade parade as well!!! yeow!

xxx steph

ps: there was so much awesome dancing at the pack show at mgtvle, and so after many discussions with various parties we have decided to take up the "more interpretive dancing" call once more. also more cheek-to-cheek/ballroom steez and also more booty. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! YOU'RE JUST TOO SCARED. YOU'RE ALL CHICKEN SHIT CONFORMISTS LIKE YOUR PARENTS. how many times can you do the fucking claw and not think "there must be more to hardcore shows than doing the fucking claw everytime there's some (rightfully clawful) breakdown"?! and the downward head shake - my neck and brain hurt after punx picnic. this is where the good posture encouraging nature of cheek-to-cheek reveals its glory. do it, do it, do it do it do it, my neck my back, etc

pps: now i'm gonna cop so much shit next time i'm at a show and i'm not doing some mad contemporary dance moves in nude coloured hotpants.

ppps: i'm listening to ethereal mist by 303infinity and it's mad!!! repeat status.

pppps: my ps's are longer than the non-ps'd part. what does that say about my ability to coherently arrange ideas into a flowing piece of writing? and on that note, why am i entrusted with proofreading essays and teaching kids english?


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