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Wednesday, October 11

brain melt / heart melt

i don't know where to begin... our triangle tour was so fucking cool...
i can only obsessively list... and poorly recount:

great people & moments:
* virgin male air hostess being all "hi"/*lean over* combo bend-at-the-waist arse vibe

* clouds

* somehow attracting an old asian lady to our tafe talk+show, then making her very scared during our set

* the guy in a KMFDM shirt dancing to okioki (cute nintendo pop trio)

* being billed as "three rock chicks" on the chalk board outside perth's hydey hotel. might explain the worrying number of crusty old dudes in attendance. one guy said to kat "are you the girl that was outside telling my friend to come to the show? because he said he was so bewildered by your beauty that he had to come" hahhahha

* conveniently failing to ask people if they were at the hydey to see the holly throsby/gersey show in the other room or our show. taking their money anyway. telling everyone else that they were welcome back when they got sick of gersey. not even knowing who gersey are really. telling them that they'd regret not staying in our side of the pub.

* hannibal lecture entry stamps hahaha. everyone asking "is it supposed to be me?" wtf?! you sick sick people!

* not wearing pants. feeling awesome. progression of our naked society

* everyone laughing at me when we were in paws (people and animal welfare society) because i wanted to buy a whole box of their chocolate, then getting the last laugh when everyone realised they wanted in.

* paul. pex. love love love!!!

* cindy posting kat's shorts home from perth (brain lesions!!) - they arrived in sydney before we did!

* dan young nuts dancing on a table trying to get ppl to buy our dvd by saying that there was "girl-on-girl action" on it

* our increasing boganess was becoming sorely apparent on tour. i remarked that kat seemed to be the most bogan out of all of us and challenged her to boganise the most unbogan things i could think of. the results:
- rwanda = "wando"
- sudan = "sudo"
- bangladesh = "bangers" (blonde liz from ass squad later told us that that's what ppl call bangkok so it's "bango" now)

* getting a call from dean magic dirt. yes. annandale 28th oct. containing myself. have a plan for babycakes instrumental making it onto their setlist. (ahhahahha!! man, it's dean's fav too! - kath) (i know!!!! fuck!!! - steph)

* getting a ruins reference. and a zorn reference. hahahah!!!! wtf?! still brilliant!!!

* jem firewitch being my new parallel universe twin. not worrying about feminimity issues.

* trying not to sleep. ever. failing at the last minute and conceding to a few crappy hours.

* dan wise, dan young nuts, tarkwand. dave, bene, matt, craig. love love!!!

* matt, liz and liz ass, other ass dude (so bad with names), burga, jem, irene lingerie crew, everyone that came to our shows, everyone that came up and talked to us and hung out, all of the slayful motherfuckers we played with. thankyou it was so fucking cool.

photos soon...

feeling bittersweet,
xoxox steph

ps: i never want to wear pants again. society is so repressive.

pps: i got my replacement sim. i don't know anyone's numbers! yall gotsa email/sms me ur didgets.

ppps: did we mention magic dirt!?!??! xxx kat thaw

*background squealing noises*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

pex sends love back!
that old asian lady is a mature age japanese student. yes, she was scared.

Wed Oct 11, 06:14:00 pm  
Anonymous paul said...

wow, so many great memories! wando - hahaha

Wed Oct 11, 06:24:00 pm  
Anonymous Luke said...

this reminds me!! im never gonna get a prize for my awesome decorating of flyers am i? or maybe ive already got it but i dont know it yet... I WANN KNOW!!

Tue Feb 13, 05:02:00 pm  

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