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Wednesday, January 17

it's bad boy baby. can't stop. won't stop.


1. sabot are an amazing bass & drums duo from the czech republic.
2. sabot are coming back to sydney as part of their 'around the world in 81 days' tour.
3. kat is back from da desh in a few days (ps: she's got a new husband now as well)
4. our first show in a billion years is with the aforementioned sabot.
5. i bought a mood ring the other day and i am constantly "lovable" and "romantic". lovable isn't really a mood, but i'll take it.
6. facts 2 - 4 are radness and joy encapsulated. 5 was an attempt at padding - completely see-through.

oh here's deets yo:

tuesday 6th @ akemi``
sabot / the thaw / + tba
8pm, $5

wednesday 7th @ one-oh-one*
sabot / the thaw / wog / the warm feelings
8pm, $10

`` 40 great western highway, medlow bath, blue mountains. akemi is a great little space and we can have trampoline comps in the backyard between bands. bring that shit on you know you love it.
* one-oh-one is a new independent space in hibernian house ( - room 101 in the stained glass building, 342 illizabeth st, sizzle hizzayz). come check it out!

x steph


Anonymous kabukiboy said...

weds is $10

Mon Feb 05, 09:27:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goldie rocks. I got some drugs. Anybody want a hook-up?

Wed Feb 07, 05:11:00 pm  
Blogger *the thaw* said...

ummm this comment is random. but we should have drum n bass parties together.

what kind of drugs? sometimes i need a leg up...

x steph

Fri Feb 16, 11:16:00 am  

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