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Monday, September 18

maggots eating brittney's face


it has been recently discovered that brittney spears is not a slut, but rather the virgin mother of maggot royalty mwwahahaha so in celebration the thaw is heading off around the country on a tri tour - sydney, perth, melbourne and home. we've even made a poster for you to print, cut and keep*!

fun occurrences:

friday 22nd sept
maggotfest featuring the thaw, assassination collective, scum system kill, brand disloyalty, omission from god, mass trauma
7pm @ maggotville (fitzroy st, marrickville)

thursday 28th sept
the thaw, bamodi, cease, okioki
8pm @ swan basement (fremantle)
for $5

friday 29th sept
the thaw, airport city shuffle, the leap year, diode
8pm @ hyde park hotel (perth)
only $5

saturday 30th sept
the thaw, black level embassy, rhythm bell, hand hell
9pm @ the pony (melbourne)
for cheapness ($10)
PLUS the mexicans at 2am

sunday 1st oct
the thaw, the fit, dane certificate
3pm @ irene (5 pitt street, brunswick)
a measly $5

sunday 8th oct
waves festival for timor featuring toe cutter, the thaw, pigman vampire, eucalypt band, dead farmers, crux
3pm @ the pitz (11 faversham st, marrickville)
only 10 smackaroos!

whoa mamma! that's a whole lotta rocking!

come on down and say hi to us if we're in your neck of the woods.

xxx kat

*the person who brings us the best pyramid on each night will get a rather special prize... go cuh-ray-zee with glitter and crayons and mobiles and stuff :o)


Anonymous Paul said...

hey guys, the tigers aren't playing the show on the 29th - diode will be playing instead.

Wed Sep 20, 01:09:00 am  
Anonymous rob said...

hey thaw
i listened to your tape and its the greatest!!11!one!
also thanks again kat for lending us your kit and showing us the way to the hopetoun.
maggotfest was awesome too.

Tue Sep 26, 01:16:00 pm  
Blogger *the thaw* said...

you're the best rob(bb)!
it was so lovely to see you guys in syd again, and so awesome of youse to come round to our show after yours!

xxoo steph

Mon Oct 02, 07:43:00 pm  

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